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3 Ways to Wear Your Bandana

Versatile and easy to style, bandanas are the new “it” accessory. Wondering how to wear them? Here are three ideas we’re loving these days.

For sun protection: 

  1. Simply wear your bandana on your head, wrapped around and tied in the back (as seen in picture). 
  2. Fold the bandana into a triangle and tie it at the back of your neck for breathable sun protection for your chest. 
  3. Wet the bandana with water, fold or wrap it loosely and tie it around your neck in the front for a quick way to cool yourself on a hot day.

As a hair accessory:

  1. Fold the bandana into a triangle and roll it to about 1½ to 2 inches. Tie the ends in a bow or a knot wherever you like. Tuck or leave the ends loose (loose ends will create a more casual look).
  2. Fold into a triangle as above, but instead of rolling it, fold it neatly and tie it under the hair for a more tailored look.

To style an outfit:

  1. Fold the bandana neatly to about 2 inches (ideally ironed–not that we did that!) and wrap it (not too tightly) around your neck. Tie in a small knot off centre.
  2. Fold the bandana neatly, wrap it around your wrist and tie it in a small knot. Tuck the ends in, or not! This can add a splash of colour and creativity to any simple outfit.
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