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Nature. Style. Community.

Welcome to East of Pine.

East of Pine Founders and Artists, Emily and Polly

Live Naturally

Who We Are

East of Pine is a small business based in Toronto. We are a couple of artists who adore creating unique, quality, natural clothing and home decor accessories. Using natural dyes from roots, leaves, petals and other items like rust, we spend our time creating beautiful colours and patterns on natural, organic materials. You might be asking why we’re so into working with natural materials. That’s simple: We are committed to using our creativity in a way that helps protect our environment and, at the same time, we love inspiring others to appreciate the gifts our planet has to offer. Our collection defines our passion for encouraging our community to live both stylishly and naturally. 

"We see rusty things on the side of the road and don’t think twice about it–we see it as garbage. But these genius humans at East of Pine are using rust to make beautiful, natural, hand-dyed things with stunning colours and patterns. Is this not spectacular? It’s so interesting, right?”

– Tiffany Pratt (regarding our rust dyed shawls)

What We Believe

Our Promise

Nature and sustainability are the guiding principles of our business and creations. We use all natural fabrics and ingredients, and ensure our processes create the least environmental footprint on our world. 

We’re passionate, and we want you to be too! That’s why we’ll always do our best to inspire you to find a deeper connection with nature. Here’s to celebrating a more sustainable, natural and stylish way of living!

Emily and Polly, East of Pine Artists

Meet The Artists

Emily & Polly

As passionate creators, busy moms and the closest of friends, we’re excited to share East of Pine, a company that celebrates all things natural and emphasizes our love of the environment and our community.  

The two of us are very outdoorsy–we’re big fans of sailing, canoeing, camping and hiking. For us, spending time in nature has really highlighted the need to do our part in protecting our world. As our kids grow up, we’re devoting time and energy into connecting them with nature every chance we get. These values and desires have expanded to our business, and our hope is to influence our neighbours and community at large. 

We find so much joy and love in the way nature is ever evolving and shifting, and look to this as inspiration for each of our items. Everything we make is inspired by the uniqueness of nature and the way each flower, each leaf, each insect and each story among it is truly one of a kind.

Onion Dyed Children’s T-Shirt

Onion Dyed Children’s T-Shirt

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Madder dyed children’s t-shirt

Madder dyed children’s t-shirt

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Plum Dyed Children’s T-Shirt

Plum Dyed Children’s T-Shirt

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Remain Curious

We strive to continually expand our knowledge, techniques and abilities to benefit our customers and the world around us.

Continue the Story

Our community is full of one-of-a-kind individuals who are genuine and inspiring. The pieces we make already have incredible origin stories, and we can’t wait for you to make your own memories with these special items.

Rooted in Nature

We aim to highlight the gifts the world has to offer, to connect with nature and to step into and make available a more sustainable, natural way of living.