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Avocado dyed shawl

Avocado dyed shawl

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  • Hand dyed naturally with avocado
  • 100% organic cotton mull
  • Size: 43” x 90”

Each item is one of a kind. Colour and pattern will be close, but may vary.

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We love our materials, and we love supporting local. We use organic cotton and 100% silk for all our products and source our blank fabric from Canadian companies as much as possible.

Our products are all hand dyed by us, using natural ingredients. Learn about our process and dyes here.

Each item is one of a kind. Colour and pattern will be close, but may vary.

Naturally East of Pine

At East of Pine, we’ll always do our best to respect and protect our environment.

Our fabrics

We use all organic cotton or 100% silk fabric and source our blanks from like-minded, ethical Canadian companies as much as we can. We are all about sustainability and supporting local. 

Our dyes

We use only natural ingredients in our dyeing process, ensuring what's being worked with by our hands, worn on your body and eventually returning to the earth are all free of chemicals. 

Our process

We’re as conservative with our energy and water consumption as possible, and we’re super conscious of how every aspect of what we do helps the environment.

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